We are a non-profit organization that aims to put the skills of its members at the service of disadvantaged communities, especially in developing countries.

  • We manage resources for the development of digital health programs.
  • We promote the use of new digital technologies (ICT) in health.
  • We generate intervention strategies for communities with health conditions that affect their social participation.
  • We implement actions that allow the disabled population to benefit from health actions.
  • Health research, health promotion and prevention, training and scientific dissemination.

Work Team



Mónica Astrid Fallon

I am an Optometrist, Master in Public Health and Health Management and PhD in Biomedical Research Methodology.

I am an explorer of new forms of knowledge and action. Expert in planning and development of telemedicine programs, epidemiological studies, meta-analysis and project logistics.

Professionalism and systemic thinking at the public health level.

I am interested in developing projects that improve the quality of care from a public health perspective.

My goal is to work in real environments, creating and improving the health reality (legitimate right) from knowledge and the inclusion of digital technologies in health.

Jose Luis Sandoval

I am a proactive physiotherapist, a specialist in project management and a student of the master in health economics.  I am interested in digital health care models, medical devices and the evaluation of digital health technologies.  

Passionate about the study and development of Human Body Movement based on the recognition that there is a dialectical relationship between individual and society which marks the human development of all subjects.

I develop research, consulting and missionary activities that provide practical knowledge to society.

Within the professional practice I have performed therapeutic interventions in adult and geriatric population, motor development in children and functional rehabilitation of people in rural and urban contexts, marginalized by various socio-economic dynamics.