strategic Partnerships

Konekto, works in concert with national and international actors, experts in different topics concerning digital health.

We have the knowledge of expert professionals, academic and applied research centers, professional associations that develop new technological tools, companies that bet on digital development in different contexts, cooperatives and of course the communities and governmental entities of the impacted regions.

Within our alliances, there are actors who contribute to the consortium in the different areas of development of a digital health project in distant and/or marginalized territories, in different areas of impact:

  • Computer programming and technological development.
  • Social and cultural studies.
  • Economic evaluation.
  • Health auditing.
  • Phytotherapy and ancestral medicines
  •  Pedagogy


We expand our potential with the collaboration of structures or professionals who provide tools that will be used in our projects, these partnerships allow us to exchange knowledge with experts in the world and expand possibilities for our partners, our communities and for Konekto.